About Us

Living for ten years just outside of the first-strike zone that is Washington, DC, we felt the necessity of being prepared for the worst humans and nature can throw at us. We have always believed that it is not a question of “if” but “when” something will happen significant enough that you will have to depend on yourself. After being on the ground during Hurricane Sandy, and also sensing the crescendo of destabilizing events in our country and around the world, our impulse to be self-reliant has only heightened. Consequently, we have spent years (yes, years) trying to put together our family’s emergency kits. Why years? Could it really be so hard?

Well, what we found out is first, life happens. It is hard enough just being a mom & dad and providing for and raising intelligent, polite, hardworking children in our troubled world, that other seemingly less urgent things get pushed to the side. Sometimes you’ve just gotta sit down and veg in front of a movie instead of prepping, you know what I mean?!

Second, it was just overwhelming. What goes into one of these things? There are so many scenarios, sooo many products, and so much information to sift through. Not to mention the resource drain of time & money! Either it was time figuring out what we needed, or it was time and money spent looking through brick and mortar or internet stores (gas went from about $2/gal to $3.80/gal during this process). We pretty much stayed in a perpetual state of “about half-done.” We entertained the idea of buying pre-assembled kits, but when we looked around they were all filled with stuff that was either low-quality and inadequate (certainly not the stuff you’d want your life to depend on), or stuff that only a member of Seal Team 6 could survive with!

So how did we go from trying to prepare bug out bags for our little family to trying to prepare our neighbors, near & far? Well, we figured a lot of you have experienced what we have. . . or you are about to.  That’s when our entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and went saw an opportunity to provide quality, robust emergency kits. So we did months of research, and then spent thousands of dollars personally testing gear (leaving us with boxes of “rejected” gear). We took into account quality, good design, price, user ratings, brand reputation, size & weight, and we’ve ended up with emergency kits that are not only great for bugging out, but are also fantastic to use as ready-to-go kits for camping, hiking, or hunting! (This has been an especially welcome feature for Michelle because she was always the one hunting through the basement assembling their camping gear and then trying to somehow fit it all in the car! Now she just grabs their bug out bag–the Premium Family Survival Kit–and off they go! (We just replenish the few items, like freeze-dried meals, that are used up.)

We have since relocated to a quiet canyon in the Unita branch of the Rocky Mountains where our family uses our emergency gear on a regular basis.  Our kids have come to especially love our business, and can often be found using and extolling the merits of our survival & camping gear to people at preparedness expos and gun shows. During road trips they even prefer to pull over at a rest stop and fix our freeze-dried meals instead of eating at a fast-food place!

Of course we want to grow our business into a great success, but not just to provide for our family, but because that will mean more of you and your families will be another step closer to preparing for what will come our way.